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Pneumatic Cylinder

By sustained development for many years, our Airkert Cylinder has been grown into the star products in automation industry. Our factory has core competency in these items .From standard to non-standard, from bore size 6mm to bore size 320mm, we can provide so many cylinders as follows: compact cylinder, mini cylinder, square cylinder, needle cylinder, guided cylinder, pen cylinder, rotary cylinder, and air gripper etc. The end covers of the cylinder are casted by high tonnage casting machines. Piston are precisely machined by imported CNC machine, fundamentally solved the problems of traditional pneumatic cylinder, like climbing and quivering. Cylinder Barrel was tested by the method of three points positioning procedure, which guarantee the precise dimensions and stable quality. The seals are from PARKER, to ensure the cylinders work stably and safely. With more than 20 years’ producing experience and advanced technology, Airkert will design cylinders according to our customers’ requirements.

Pneumatic Cylinder
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