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One Touch-In Fittings A

One touch fittings for hoses made of plastics are used to connecting the hoses and other elements in pneumatic systems. Uncomplicated construction and high quality guarantee easily and quick installment or disinterment. The body material is brass, the sleeve material is POM. The lock claw material is SUS, the sealing material is NBR. Tightness connection between the fitting and the tube is made after pushing the end of hose in the fitting body to feel resistance. Disconnection is possible after pushing the blue plastic ring.

One Touch-In Fittings A

*One touch type connection tool for air pressure piping.              
*Various uses depending on the user's environment.              
*One-Touch push-to-connect configuration allows an instant tubing connection.      
*Smooth-Edge release sleeve design facilitates a quick tubing disconnection      
*Aesthetically pleasing nickel-plated metallic optional feature ensures anti-containation      
properties of an extended product lift.                  
*Pre-applied sealant on all external threads eliminates the additional sealing requirement.    
*Internal and/or external flat-to&flat hexagonal configurations for both metric and inch specifications
allow a proper tightening or directional orientation upon installation by using L key or allen wrench
for the applicable model types.                  
*Fluid Type: Air(No other gases or liquids)                
*Working Pressure:0-150Psi                    
*Negative pressure: -29.5 in Hg                  
*Working temperature:32 -140°F / 0-60℃                
*Applicable Tube:Polyurethane,Polyethylene and Nylon




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